Yes, You Can Run Microsoft Office on a Chromebook. Here’s How

If you use your laptop mostly for browsing for browsing, it’s a good choice. Chromebook is an affordable option for more than 10 years it has evolved from being average to outstanding in the last few years. Even after its lengthy evolution, it isn’t able to install directly Windows and Mac software, which is the case for Microsoft Office desktop versions. Additionally, even though Chromebooks can access Google Play Store and the Google Play Store and can run a variety of Android applications however, they aren’t able to run the Android editions aren’t compatible with Microsoft Office, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive aren’t compatible with Chromebooks.

However, after the Android apps were no longer supported on Chromebooks Another option — and, in my view, a superior one — was chosen in its place.

Progressive web apps are web apps with app-like features. They provide you with an app-like experience, but they have more options, such as offline usage as well as the option of pinning them to your taskbar, push notifications, updates as well as access to hardware features. There are the Microsoft Office 365 PWAs such as Outlook and OneDrive as well as they function perfectly on Chromebooks. Find them here and how to install them so that you are able to continue using Microsoft Office on the Chromebook.

Sign in to Office 365

Use Google’s Chrome browser and navigate to This is the homepage that will take you to Microsoft Office 365 online. If already registered for an Office 365 account, just login as you normally would. If you do not already have the Office Account, then you’ll have to set up one. You can choose any personal email for your account. Setting it up is an easy procedure: just enter your email address, create an account with a password, confirm your email and confirm that you’re not a bot.

Install the Office 365 PWA

After you’ve signed in to Office 365 in Chrome, the Install icon will show in the upper right corner in the bar of address. It resembles an LCD screen for a computer with a downward-pointing an arrow. When you click it, you will see an invitation for you to download Office 365. In addition, if you require a single program, like Word or Outlook the same installation option on the address bar should be displayed when you point your browser to the particular apps.

The installation process is fast. Within a few seconds it opens a window which is identical to the web version Office 365. It’s essentially the same as a browser but has the capabilities that come with Microsoft Office mobile apps.

Ready to go to work

Because the PWA behaves just like installed software, you are able to apply things such as a pin to your taskbar, receive notifications working offline, and alter its size. The remainder of the experience is identical to the web-based versions. I would prefer using the PWA versions over that of the complete Office downloads for a lot of things.

After using the PWAs you aren’t getting the look and feel of the desktop application, it’s not possible to download them directly to the Chromebook. However, there are alternative options for use Windows software on the Chromebook.